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CEO Greetings

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KWC always try to accommodate with residents.
We put the top priority on partnership with local community.

We have been developing offshore wind farms since 2009, including onshore wind farms at the forefront since 2002.
Since 2015, we have developed 224 MW offshore wind farm in Anmado Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do, and
we obtained Electric Business License(EBL) for phase I in April 2019 and EBL for phase II in July 2020.

Also we are working on a 504MW offshore wind farm project in Geomundo, the EBL of which will be
applied in December 2020. We are confident that these will contribute greatly to Korea's goal of
the energy transition policy under the Green New Deal.

CEO Rim Taig Lee
CEO Rim Taig Lee